Campaign for Safe Cosmetics – What You Need To Know About Cosmetics Products

A lot of individuals especially women fail to take note the risks and possible side-effects of certain cosmetic products just as long as these items make them look beautiful. These harmful side-effects may not be readily observed or experienced on your first use but the gradual pile-up of harsh and toxic chemicals may eventually take its toll in the long run or even in the near future. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is one of the organizations trying to make all cosmetic products safer to use.

Getting To Know the Organization

Campaign for Safe CosmeticsCampaign for Safe Cosmetics is an organization comprised of individual private and public groups that primarily aims to make all cosmetic products safe and healthy to use. This coalition was formed in 2004 and among the means used by the organization to achieve its purpose is to keep track and examine all cosmetic products sold by companies to consumers. Alternately, the group promotes and lobbies for legal, regulatory, and legislative changes that will be imposed for cosmetic companies and manufacturers as well as the accessory penalties that go with them. The group also tries to ensure that all these regulations are fully implemented and observed not only by cosmetic companies, but concerned private and government agencies as well.

Some of the Harmful Ingredients Present in Certain Cosmetic Products

There are several harmful or toxic chemicals which can be found as ingredients to certain cosmetic products. Some contain one specific chemical but the most dangerous ones are those that compound two or more toxins. Some of the most noted chemicals by Campaign for Safe Cosmetic including medical doctors include the following.

  • Lead. Lead is one common ingredient of cosmetic products particularly of lipsticks. It’s one of the substances that make your lipstick shine. But it is very important for you to know that lead is a metallic mineral that should not be ingested. Among the effects of lead in a person are malfunctions or deterioration of the brain and abnormal behavior. Risks are higher when it comes to children or even babies that are still in a woman’s womb. According to the organization, 61% of lipstick products available in the market today contain lead.
  • Formaldehyde. If you are not familiar with formaldehyde, you might recognize its common name; formalin. The same chemical that is used in embalming human corpses. But formaldehyde also has several uses; it can be found as an ingredient of several soap, shampoo, and other skin and hair-care products. According to most medical experts, this is a carcinogen or cancer-causing chemical. It also contains high amounts of irritants.
  • Phthalates. If you are fond of using perfumes, you should check the label twice or even thrice. That perfume may contain phthalates that can disrupt certain body functions and hormonal balances. This chemical is also found on nail care products like the nail polish. This ingredient is primarily responsible in making the perfume easily absorbable by the skin or nail polish to instantly stick and last longer.

Allergens and sensitizers. Majority of cosmetic products also contain allergens and sensitizers. Allergens as we all know trigger chronic or even lifetime allergic concerns. And when combined with sensitizers, they attack a person’s immune system.

The above-mentioned chemicals are only a portion of the numerous ingredients that Campaign for Safe Cosmetics considers are risky to human health but are widely present on most cosmetic products.